Hiking across the Wadden Sea for water justice

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The expedition

In July I will participate in the "Wadlopen for water" expedition. For 2 days, we will hike through the Wadden Sea to raise support for better access to clean drinking water for everyone. Starting from Lauwersoog in the North of the Netherlands, we will walk to the island of Schiermonnikoog during the low tide. With the sea up to our waist at times, we will cover about 40km in total.

Why am I doing this?

I like to challenge myself and very much enjoy to go hiking in nature, but more importantly, I love to put my energy in projects that make the world a fairer and more sustainable place. Whatever the scale. I try to make an impact at my job, at home, and now I will do it from the Wadden Sea!

What is it for?

Currently more than 2 billion people live without access to safe drinking water. It is expected that climate change will only increase water scarcity. This takes a greater toll on women and children because they are often the ones responsible for collecting it. When water is further away, it requires more time to collect, which often means less time at school.

The Water Justice Fund finances local partners in Nepal, Bangladesh and Kenia, who provide local women and girls with the means to solve water-related problems.

How can you help?

My goal is to raise 2000€ for the Water Justice Fund. You can contribute to more water justice worldwide by joining my campaign through a donation, directly on this page. Any support would be amazing! In exchange, I will keep you updated on my adventure and share pictures of the beautiful nature of the Wadden Sea.

PS: The costs of the expedition itself are covered by me, your donation goes entirely towards the Water Justice Fund.

Thanks in advance for your support!


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How does Simavi contribute to Water Justice?

06-03-2024 | 13:27 2 billion people do not a have safe access to enough water for their basic needs. Almost a third of the world population! Access to water has been deteriorating in recent years due to the rapid impacts of the climate crisis. Droughts, as well as floods, are causing water points to be compromised. It is primarily women and girls in Africa and Asia who bear the brunt of this crisis. They have to travel farther and farther in search of water for their families. These long journeys not only prevent them from attending work or school but also expose women and girls to other dangers, such as physical discomfort and even (sexual) violence. Despite much discussion about climate in politics and media, there is still not enough investment in the concrete and immediate solutions that are needed NOW for people in remote areas. They are forgotten in the larger, abstract conversation about climate, even though they are not responsible for the cause. This is why Simavi created the Water Justice Fund: a fund that invests locally in direct solutions needed on the ground. Through this fund, initiatives in Kenya, Bangladesh, and Nepal can receive small amounts of money to address water problems directly. So, no big multinational corporations, but instead a focus on small-scale initiatives and the knowledge of the community. Additionally, women are at the forefront: they take the lead in managing the budget. This is the way to go for more water justice!
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